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We are the creators and owners of Formula M.  Let your journey to healing begin – and accept no substitute. Counterfeit versions have been shown to be lacking in key ingredients and even contaminated by pesticides. For more information contact


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What To Expect:
Holy Grail Health places emphasis on diet, nutrition & detox. Treatment is comfortable, without the miserable side effects that are so typical of conventional cancer treatment. But Formula M, being natural chemotherapy, will trigger tumor lysis syndrome and Herxheimer reaction. (spells of chills, and rarely, mild nausea.) This generally lasts only a few minutes, and its hard evidence of the treatment hitting the target.

Many patients have remarked that their worst day on Formula M was better than their best day on standard chemotherapy. Also, it is important for patients to know that they will have a temporary odor from Formula M natural chemo. Because its base is DMSO, patients receiving it intravenously will smell like garlic and seafood—clams or oysters. We recommend that patients book a 23 day stay. A round of natural chemo takes 20 days to receive, and the odor vanishes within 2 to 3 days of the final treatment.

A Comparison of Basic Treatment Plan to All-Inclusive Option:
Holy Grail is the most affordable of all alternative cancer clinics. $16,000 covers 3 weeks of intensive daily treatment. We highly recommend the all-inclusive option at the full service facility, if there is a vacancy available. (There are only 5 guest suites, so its first come, first served. See the youtube video.) True, its $22,000 for a 3 week stay, as opposed to $16,000. But by the time you take into account the separate costs of meals and lodging, it comes out close to identical—plus the patient’s companion/caregiver is relieved of chores such as shopping and meal preparation. The all inclusive clinic also has laundry facilities on site and private duty nurses 24/7. Patients needing more extended treatment; a second 20 day round, receive it at a discounted rate, in-house.

Transition to Home Treatment: (For qualified patients)
If the patient has IV access; a port, their caregiver can be trained in simple aseptic technique of how to administer, and the patient discharged with a cooler of supplies and an airline security letter, allowing them to return home and transition onto home treatment… so long as there is a primary care doctor willing to monitor progress at home. This option allows for huge savings, for patients who cannot be away from home longer than 3 weeks, and who could not continue on treatment otherwise. Even with airfare, meals and lodging factored in, cost is still below the total of copays for conventional treatment, covered by insurance—which fails 98% of the time, and comes with miserable side effects that destroy the quality of life.

Cautious Optimism, But Beware of Unrealistic Expectations:
The treatment staff at Holy Grail wishes to make it clear that each cancer case is unique in its staging and grade (progression and aggressiveness.) Many patients start off at a disadvantage, with immune systems previously damaged by conventional treatment, before they learned of the alternative treatments. Therefore they may have a limited ability to respond, and there are no guarantees. Holy Grail Cancer Care declines more patients than it accepts, in order to maintain its ethical standards. We won’t accept a patient we feel is beyond help. Any patient who has been subjected to toxic standard chemo and/or radiation, or diagnosed in late stage progression—the malignancy has a huge head start—is at a disadvantage. We need to be clear that we do not sell false hope to desperate families.

Yes, we are proud of our per capita patient survival rate, which surpasses that of conventional oncology. But we promise nothing but good service, and an excellent natural chemo formula, well tolerated, which is so effective it was persecuted out of the US.  At the very least, our goal is to retard the rate of disease progression and buy time for patients—good time with their families, not suffering miserable side effects. We can never predict in advance which cases we will be able to arrest and reverse into remission. It depends on aggressiveness of the cancer, its progression and how much head start it had.

No one can say if any given patient has enough of an intact immune system to be able to respond to treatment, which is why we also utilize potent immune system boosters as part of each treatment protocol, customized for the individual patient.
On behalf of the treatment team at Holy Grail Health in Cancun, we look forward to helping you. If you wish to reserve a slot on the treatment schedule, instructions for wiring a deposit are provided upon request.

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