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Treatment Protocols

Treatments protocols available at Holy Grail Cancer Care:

1. Formula M natural chemo, “The Forbidden Hope for Cancer”
Based on DMSO+ much more. Customized to selectively target the specific malignancy. Saturates all areas of the body, crossing the blood/brain barrier, penetrating bone marrow and invading cerebrospinal fluid—areas beyond reach of standard chemo. Not legally available within the US.

2. UBI: Ultraviolet Biological Irradiation, aka “photoluminescence”.
Gentle, powerful anti-viral treatment & nature’s own natural antibiotic. Purifies the blood, treats sepsis and many other conditions, including Chronic Fatigue & Hep C. Eradicates viral triggers which are responsible for many of the major malignancies, thus preventing recurrence. Eliminates herpes B viruses & hpv, (human papilloma virus), both known to be cancer triggers. Eliminates dormant varicella zoster virus (chicken pox), thus preventing or resolving shingles in later life.

3. Vitamin B17, (amygdalin, sometimes called Laetrile), now included in Formula M natural chemotherapy.

4. Intravenous vitamin C.
We administer sodium ascorbate (from a non-GMO source.) It is far superior to standard ascorbic acid, and without the problems associated with it.

5. Human Growth Hormone (hGH).
This potent immune system booster is an adjunct (optional) treatment, not inclusive; available at discounted cost to patients who can show a post treatment PET scan which indicates all clear or that great progress has been achieved against cancer.

6. Available now: Holy Grail Oil
Holy Grail Cancer Care now offers proprietary cannabis: A Unique Hybrid, Hemp Based Oil.

Adjunct (optional) treatment, and highly recommended immune booster. Please order directly from supplier, to get a jump start on treatment even before arrival in Cancun.

Holy Grail Oil is a unique blend of the molecular compounds known as cannabinoids
that support the immune system, as well as destroy, reverse and kill cancer cells. It is
anti-inflammatory, and contains a full range of nutrients. It is organic and pesticidefree.
Also it is cold pressed, thus retaining the healing properties so often destroyed
by heat extractions. It is lab-tested, with analysis proof of quality.

To understand this oil and why it is not like most other oils, let’s cover a little background
on the source—the plant. But please remember, Holy Grail Oil is a unique hybrid
blend. Several growers have tried to duplicate it, but have not been able to.
The properties of the oil are uniquely a result of the plant species used. Growing conditions
are strictly regulated indoors with airlocks and other appropriate measures to
prevent cross pollination with less desirable subspecies. The seeds are kept in a climate
controlled vault.

Botanically, the genus Cannabis is composed of several variants. Although there has
been a long-standing debate among taxonomists about how to classify these variants
into species, applied plant breeders generally embrace a biochemical method to classify
variants along utilitarian lines. Cannabis is the only plant genus that contains the
unique class of molecular compounds called cannabinoids.

A plant is classified as being a cannabis plant if it produces cannabigerolic acid
(CBGA), the mother of all cannabinoids. There are several species of such plants;
Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis and Hemp—that make up the 1300 plants classified as being
cannabis plants.

Hemp contains near zero THC—the ‘get high’ ingredient— where as the other three
species contain THC at various percentages, many being illegal if above a ‘certain’
level as defined by regulations of a country or state. These ‘levels’ vary for political
reasons, having nothing to do with your health or well being considerations.
Many cannabinoids have been identified, but two are dominant: THC, which is the
psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis, and CBD, an anti psychoactive ingredient. One
type of Cannabis is high in the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, and low in the antipsychoactive
cannabinoid, CBD. This type is popularly known as marijuana.
Another type is high in CBD and low in THC. Variants of this type are called industrial

To clarify what is stated above, it helps to know that there has been a longstanding
debate among taxonomists about how to classify these variants into species.
Plant breeders generally embrace a biochemical method to classify variants along utilitarian
lines. The legal or political terminology varies and has caused much confusion, serving special
interest groups and not taking into account individual health and well being from
this genus called cannabis as demonstrated throughout its 5,000 year history.

This boutique, specialty oil is produced using plants from the cannabis family, a
unique cross breeding of 6-8 plants from the 1300 known plants. It is a hybrid hemp
plant with near zero THC, but high in the CB family of cannabinoids.

Holy Grail Oil is not marijuana:
It does not contain high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the single cannabinoid
that produces a psychoactive “high” and is frowned on by governments, based on a
variety of myths surrounding the use of this 5,000 year old medicinal plant, well
known in cultures around the world.

As mentioned the mother cannabinoid CBGA can be broken into four additional
cannabinoids (THCA, CBDA, CBD, and CBG & CBCA) in the raw state of the plant. The
unique class of molecular compounds called cannabinoids now includes 90+ that have
been identified, including the six already mentioned. To date the THC and CBD molecular compounds are
the most studied, but it is knownthat the ‘entourage’ effect, that is believedto be key to the growing understanding
of the medical values of these particular molecular compounds. For example, the cannabinoids,
the particular molecular compounds studied to date that are anti cancer, cause cancer cell death, etc,

There are a growing number of studies showing benefits via the use of cannabis: prevention, reversal and correction of diseases.

1 HEMP AND MARIJUANA: Myths and Realities – excellent review
2 Note marijuana, high THC, consumed via inhalation literally destroys all the other molecular compounds:
their value lost in the smoke!

Our specialty oil includes a uniquely created profile and proportionality of the key cannabinoids known to address cancer prevention, destruction and reversal. When taken sublingually (under the tongue) it is absorbed directly into the blood and allows the full range of benefits from all the
molecular compounds to be realized.

Our oil has medium CBD and other cannabinoids as noted above, but is below the safety level
of ten per cent (CBD) that actually becomes harmful for humans or a patient. Most hemp oils
are more than ten per cent CBD and that is not good for long term use, health or well being.

There are some 1300 cannabis plants in the world from which we have found a unique sixeight
plants that allow the special qualities, a profile of key cannabinoids in a particular proportionality
that has made this oil so useful in treating certain diseases and illnesses, including
cancer in particular.

The oil has near zero THC; the ingredient that causes a ‘high’ but does include 4-6 key ingredients
that target cancer specifically—out of the more than 90 cannabinoids found in varying
degrees in all 1300 plants.
This specialty oil is organic, pesticide free and uses a cold press process for extraction, not
heat or alcohol or other processes that are harmful to the quality of the oil. This cannot be
said for the majority of hemp oils coming from overseas. They are not organic nor pesticide
free, and lab analysis has revealed known toxins from improper processing.

Taking this oil activates Endo-Cannabinoid system in your body (heretofore not recognized until
the 1970’s by medical researchers)—that is literally dormant in the average American,
due to politically driven, ruthless eradication of cannabis/hemp plants over last 70 plus years
—which were in effect, vital to activation of our secondary or adjunct immune system. This
oil in particular reactivates what are known as intracellular Ceramides. This alone is a new
warrior as it kills cancer cells with gusto. Some call them the Special Forces compared to the
regular army of the immune system.
This oil contains the necessary ingredients to activate these Ceramides (cancer killing agents)
based on the particular cannabinoids and their proportions contained in the oil. Optimizing
the body’s natural ability to fight illness and disease, especially cancer via Ceramides is but
one incredible value of this plant.
To date, we have found it is legal in all 50 states and in 40+ countries around the world. Government
can make anything ‘against the law.’ We prefer to offer the people the opportunity
3 Go to projectcbd.com for more information on this and other CBD insights.
4 See “Benefits of CBD Get National Attention, Study “– includes cancer and other major disease related
studies to ingest this effective oil for their own consumption as a means of better health and quality
of life with no side effects. (Compare to any drug currently promoted, with side effects that
make one question the sanity of the provider of such an unsound approach.)

As a side note, users of ANY cannabis product have a known pattern of discontinuing the consumption
of any prescribed drugs by 50-80% naturally within 12 months. This alone should help anyone pause.


Holy Grail Oil is recommended for use by all patients of the clinic and/or others as a
means to address health conditions underlying and associated with cancer.
The oil comes in 15ml size vial that contains approximately 300 drops. If taken 3X a day, 2
drops under the tongue for one minute, then swallowed, will last 50 days. Its cost is $325 including
shipping costs anywhere in USA. The clinic recommends buying 4 vials to insure availability. At minimum buy 2 vials, which is
a three month supply.

Any patient of the clinic is requested to purchase the oil directly from the provider. If you
are being considered by the clinic as a patient, then they will advise you on purchasing the
oil. At such time they would provide you with contact information to get the oil. You would
send an email to the provider at that time for information on payment and delivery.
Any additional orders made after the initial four vials by an individual for use in the long term
will be discounted for that particular individual and/or family member. Arrangements are
made on a case-by-case basis

On receipt of payment, the producer will send the oil to a U.S. address using 2-3 day delivery.
Payments can be made via postal money order, cashier’s check or Western Union. There is a
PayPal available, but not preferred.
For patients coming from other countries, we are working on ways to make the oil available
on-site at the clinic. These should be in place in early 2019.

Coming soon: Zotzmann hyperbaric/ozone therapy, authentic Rife machine & full spectrum infrared sauna: the highest quality technology with regenerative qualities. All are dramatically effective protocols, especially when used in combination with the Ketogenic diet and our oral glutamine blocker… which starves cancer while keeping the patient well nourished.

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