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Treatment Costs

Treatment Cost, What to Bring and What is Covered Inclusive:
The cost of alternative cancer treatment is not covered by even US insurance. It is entirely tax deductible as medical expense, however, and is also surprisingly affordable. Holy Grail Health administers the most potent and effective natural chemo known, at a cost of $18,000 USD. This covers a 20 day round of Formula M, administered daily, weekends and holidays included, and also adjunct UBI treatment (which eradicates the underlying viral trigger for many malignancies, in a vaccine type response.) Formula M natural chemotherapy now includes B17 (amygdalin) as well as Pur-C, which is the purest form of intravenous vitamin C from non-GMO sources. Also now inclusive is our proprietary glutamine blocker. This oral suspension prevents absorption of glutamine; the other fuel cancer is now known to require, along with glucose, which is restricted by the ketogenic diet.*

We believe our treatment to be the best and most effective, as well as most affordable of all the alternative cancer clinics. For instance, the two most well known Tijuana clinics both charge $44,000 to get into their treatment programs, minimum, and then they reportedly upcharge. Compare that to Holy Grail’s base fee of $18,000 for 20 continuous days of treatment, weekends and holidays included. The fee covers treatment cost only, however affordable lodgings are available and airfare remains cheap, with oil prices down. See below for travel info.

Holy Grail Cancer Care is in a very safe yet secluded area. Cancun is a popular medical tourism destination. There are communities of expat retirees from the US & Canada, and many people speak English. There is much to see and do, for patients who feel up to it. Many soon begin to explore and enjoy, as they respond to treatment. It is safe, clean, and crime is nearly nonexistent. Holy Grail Health accepts new patients into the treatment program on Mondays and Thursdays, but tries to accommodate any arriving patient in need. They provide outpatient services only, The patient condos are not equipped with hospital beds. But they have an excellent skilled treatment team.

Holy Grail Cancer Care is not a hospital, and positively will not accept a patient who is not ambulatory (walking) and eating.

* For patients seeking a semi-inclusive option (the late afternoon main meal of the day provided by the clinic, which serves a ketogenic menu) this can be arranged at cost on an individual basis.