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Medical Disclaimer

It is against the law to give medical advice or a diagnosis in the United States unless you are a licensed medical doctor. But as we all know, the US routinely extends its authority beyond its own borders.

Even well credentialed MD’s in other countries are targeted for persecution if they are medical mavericks and their alternative protocols do not follow the AMA narrative for the (failed) “standard of care.”

Brilliant practitioners who dare to become well known for a higher patient survival rate than mainstream oncology often find themselves in the crosshairs of the US medical mafia (yes, its a real thing, as evidenced by the body count of nearly 100 alternative doctors and cancer researchers, all dead within 2+ years, many under suspicious circumstances.)

The survivors often find themselves indicted on bogus charges, stripped of all assets in civil forfeiture (rendering them unable to fund their own legal defense) and smeared in the corporate controlled media. The media is all too willing to post and parrot propaganda narratives, and are using social media platforms to censor the truth. We are seeing fascism at its worst. (Government policy dictated by corporate donors to political campaigns.)

The “why” behind the lack of journalistic ethics is simple: FOLLOW THE MONEY. They are dependent upon the pharmaceutical industry for huge revenues, and will spike (kill–by blocking publication or broadcast)–any evidence or announcement which could expose their sponsors for their continuing criminal enterprise.

How can the “standard of care” be termed a continuing criminal enterprise? Because of its high failure rate, and the ruthless defamation, denying and suppressing the efficacy of natural alternative treatments. The reality they try to ignore and downplay is this fact: Conventional chemo & radiation has only a 2.5% 5 year survival rate.  But by the time the average cancer patient discovers the truth  they have already failed conventional treatment (actually IT failed THEM.) By that time, they may not be able to respond to alternative treatment, and their survival prospects may be foreclosed.

“FDA Approved” treatment, covered by insurance, earns the cancer industry billions annually. So they viciously protect the status quo, even though its toxic, demolishes the patient’s immune system, and comes with miserable, inhumane side effects–destroying the quality of life.

Over 1500 patients per week are dying in the US, from “complications of cancer treatment.” (Translation: they died from organ failure, when their kidneys & liver were overwhelmed by the toxic chemo–often weeks or months before they would have succumbed to natural disease progression.)

Our descendants may one day look back in history at the horror of the cancer holocaust, and the shameful profit-driven coverup to preserve it.

The FDA and FBI have entrapped (and indicted) a lot of people by sending in ringers posing as sick people & claiming to be in search of  medical advice and/or a diagnosis.

Whatever info we provide on this web site (and at your request from any enquiry you submit to us) is only for educational purposes. We are happy to share information with you, but your health decisions are ultimately your sole responsibility. This concludes our medical disclaimer.