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New Treatment Weapon

Huge Cancer Research Breakthrough

Very few cancer patients are aware of the huge discovery made by Professor Thomas Seyfried. He has debunked the genetic mutation theory of cancer.
Using standard scientific research methods, he has proven that cancer is a metabolic disease stemming from defective mitochondrial respiration. (Mitochondria are the power plants within the cells. Cells mutate into cancer, when they are forced to adapt for survival.
Professor Seyfried has also established that cancer is dependent upon dual fuels; not only glucose but also glutamine. Deprive it of both, by switching the diet to ketogenic, (fat burning) while also using an agent which blocks glutamine absorption, and its possible to starve out the cancer, while nourishing the patient.
The text book authored by this brilliant researcher and the videos he has produced are over the heads of most patients. The language is technical, and people without a college chemistry background can’t easily follow it.
But there is a paperback out on Amazon, by Travis Cristofferson, which summarizes Professor Seyfried’s discovery, in lay terms. The title says it all: Tripping Over the Truth. The evidence leaves little doubt, and it all makes perfect sense.
There are several really good books on alternative cancer treatment, but the two we especially recommend for anyone needing to educate themselves are the one just mentioned and the favorite standby, “Killing Cancer, Not People,” by Robert Wright, Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute. Both are a good read; short chapters, fascinating page turners that are hard to put down.

We implemented Professor Seyfried’s dual pronged treatment protocols at Holy Grail Cancer Care in Cancun. We cut off cancer’s access to both fuels, while feeding patients well.
We were startled and thrilled to see good post treatment scan results, in two stage 4 aggressive cases with poor prognoses. (They would ordinarily be considered hopeless, due to progression and late diagnosis.)
Below this message you will find a link to a 4 minute video clip, which sums up this huge cancer research breakthrough. Professor Seyfried should get the Nobel prize for his discovery, if there were justice in the scientific research community. We wonder if he will be honored during his lifetime. This knowledge is being suppressed. We all know why.
Here is what the video clip doesn’t explain, though: where to find access to these recommended treatment protocols. Unfortunately, they are not available in the US.
The FDA won’t allow the drug (known as DON, for short), which inhibits glutamine absorption, to be administered to cancer patients unless they have already failed conventional treatment. We suspect it is big pharma’s strategy to block the researcher’s ability to build a data base proving effectiveness. They are doing what they have always done: protecting the pharmaceutical monopoly.
It was necessary to find cooperating clinics outside the US. Professor Seyfried is not a clinician, he is a college professor and organic chemist. So he had to refer patients to clinics willing to implement the ketogenic diet (to switch patients’ metabolism over to fat burning) AND to administer the drug, DON, which suppresses glutamine absorption.
But those clinics were located in Alexandria, Egypt and Istanbul, Turkey. You can just imagine the obstacles that came with that scenario.
Both clinics were under pressure to administer conventional chemo as well, in order to survive and avoid peer persecution. (Big pharma’s influence extends world wide.) Not only that, but Egypt and Turkey are middle east trouble spots.
So the US State Department slow walked patient visa applications, until many lost their window of opportunity and were no longer able to travel by the time they were finally issued. (Yes, with lives hanging in the balance, it was bureaucracy at its worst.)
It also turns out that the drug, DON, as well as being costly and in scarce supply, has gastric side effects associated with it. Not all patients can tolerate it.
Restricting glucose alone is often not sufficient to gain control over a malignancy, especially not a recurrence that has metastasized. Cancer’s other fuel source, glutamine, must be blocked as well.
I am pleased to announce that Holy Grail Cancer Care in Cancun has developed a natural botanical compound, administered by oral suspension, which blocks glutamine absorption and is well tolerated.
Legal counsel has cautioned us against identifying the primary herbal agent. This is because if the FDA adds it to their schedule of prohibited substances, it will be banned from import and from all future clinical research trials.
American patients can travel to Cancun with ease, with nothing needed but a passport. Visas are issued automatically when flights land and are good for up to six months. Medicinal cannabis oil is now legal throughout Mexico.
The new treatment program will go into effect beginning January 5th. Slots on the treatment schedule are being filled on a first come, first served basis. We are very pleased to announce these expanded treatment protocols for the new year. We believe they are a game changer.
Please take a moment to watch the video clip first. Link below, it runs under 5 minutes. The link to the clinic web site will be posted below it.
Warmest regards,

Maureen Howard Long