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Payment Details

How to Pay For Treatment at Holy Grail Cancer Care:
The clinic cannot accept checks in US dollars, drawn on any US bank, not even cashier’s checks. A deposit, by bank wire, will reserve your slot on the treatment schedule. As a practical matter, it is a good strategy. If $6,000 is wired ahead (roughly 1/3rd, best done in two separate transactions on consecutive days) that brings the remaining balance down below the maximum amount of cash that customs allows a tourist to bring into the country. They pass out a declaration form on arriving flights, asking the question as to how much cash the passengers are bringing. You will be asked to declare any amount exceeding $9,999—yet it opens up a huge hassle if you do. The excuse for this violation of civil liberties is that they are fighting money launderers and the drug trade. Many arriving visitors choose not to answer truthfully, or they simply wire their treatment fee ahead to avoid the issue entirely. But the latter strategy can pose its own set of problems.

We have heard reports that when patients tried to withdraw their own money, they faced an inquisition. The US has now imposed capital controls—withdrawal limits.
Any attempt to withdraw or wire the full amount will force your bank to file a report with the IRS and the Treasury Department, essentially making the patient or his family targets. Some patients, in exasperation, felt forced to disclose their private medical business and explain they were taking a trip; traveling on a medical vacation. This simple truth is often enough to stop any intrusive inquisition.

The strategy that works best is to have the patient wire $6,000, (best done in two separate wires), to instructions we can provide for Holy Grail Health, and either bring the balance in cash, or be prepared to charge it on credit cards. Many patients prefer cash for privacy purposes, and to save the 5% card processing fee. Any charge attempt may fail unless the patient has made advance arrangements to ensure a higher limit will clear. (Or the clinic can divide up the charge and put it through in increments over a period of 3 or 4 days.) Be aware that your debit cards will work at most ATM’s, but unless you notify your bank of your travel destination, their frauds division may freeze your cards the first time you try to use them. It saves exasperation to plan ahead. Patients are having to surrender their medical privacy in order to be able to travel to where they can receive effective, non-toxic cancer treatment. But a well planned trip is worth it.

The rewards are enjoying the tropical sunsets on the lagoon, the coconut palms silhouetted and swaying in the sea breeze, and in many cases, a patient showing visible signs of recovery.

Why is a Deposit Required For Registration in the Treatment Program?
A verbal or emailed commitment is not sufficient to make a patient a stakeholder in his treatment, no matter how sincere his or her intentions.

Some patients do not extend the courtesy of a cancelation, unless a deposit refund is involved.

Holy Grail Health requires a deposit in the amount of $6,000 USD, in the form of a bank wire transfer, for the following reasons:
1. Practicality. It reduces the remaining treatment fee balance to below the maximum allowed by customs on arrival.
2. To alert surgeons in advance, when IV access–a port placement–needs to be scheduled
3. For supply ordering purposes.
4. Its necessary to alert the lab, (compounding pharmacy), prior to a patients’ expected arrival.
Formula M natural chemo is prepared in advance, customized to fit the patient.
It is based on age, gender, body weight, specific malignancy, staging (degree of progression),
and how much radiation he or she was exposed to while undergoing prior conventional treatment
or diagnostic imaging procedures.

A round of Formula M natural chemo, custom mixed fresh, cannot usually be modified to fit a substitute patient, in the case of a no-show.
Holy Grail Health keeps its treatment fees the lowest by minimizing losses. Thus, a deposit is required. If a patient cancels within 48 hours of scheduled arrival, the deposit is not refundable.

Patients wishing to confirm reservations may request instructions for wiring a deposit by emailing info@holygrailcancercare.is