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Travel Info

Getting There: Cancun is served by an international airport. There are daily direct flights from major US cities. The flight time is around an hour and a half from Houston, or Atlanta or, Miami.. If you do not already have a passport, it is possible to get an expedited one within just 3 days. No visa is required. You fill out a card on the plane, a short form, and they issue them upon arrival. Clearing customs is a breeze, taking just minutes, and then you are on your way.

Where To Stay:
Casa Tortugas offers a special rate for cancer patients coming to Cancun on medical vacations. www.CasaTortugas.com is a charming boutique hotel, with fully equipped one bedroom apartments at a weekly rate of $665, minimum 7 day stay. ($1,995 for a 3 week stay, not including tourism tax, etc, so figure a little over $2,000 for lodging with an equipped kitchen.) Some of these condos have stunning views of the lagoon.

Having a condo w/kitchen saves enormously on restaurant bills. More importantly, it allows the patients to maintain a ketogenic diet, which is essential for recovery. There is a supermarket within close walking distance, and organic food is available. Here is the reservations contact: aalmeida@prodigy.net.mx . This quaint, idyllic small hotel has 8 units, with a few more under construction. They are not yet able to accept credit or debit cards. Cash is appreciated.

New and more economical lodging options have recently opened up, within closer proximity to the clinic–within close walking distance. Modest but clean quarters are available at a rate averaging only $50/night. Some units have kitchens, or in the case of private rooms in guest houses or B&B’s, a Ketogenic breakfast is included in the rate. We can assist with these reservations by dealing direct with the owners, on a cash only basis.